Cloud Storage Allows Streaming And Torrents Storage

Everyone wants a cloud computer which would let them store large files online. Premium account are a blessing to these people. These premium accounts are worth 100s of Dollars. As this is about the web, which suggests that software can be obtained on the internet. Zbigz allows its premium users to download and store 10 terabytes of data. It lets people download torrents files directly to its server and then stream movies online. The people using do not need to have installed on their computer. Consequently, another way to explain this cloud is to say the Internet is your cloud. Various programs from other associated entities are obtainable as a result of relation to the internet. As a client to use these different providers, it’s very economical. Use of these programs from all these systems relies on usage which rids the demand to have so much computer hardware and applications. Accessing throughout the internet is a lot more convenient for everyone.

To describe this entire structure is called cloud computing structure. It entails multiple cloud elements which communicate over the application interface. The two main parts in this arrangement are front end and the rear end. The front end is this portion this pc user sees, and the rear end is your pc cloud. The online cloud is your storage device and the computer hardware. The start of the advent of the online cloud is when there were ideas that the computer had a usefulness to be used by the public. It’d a prior model from the electricity business, and ideas of using it privately, and within the authorities were envisioned.

These have obviously come true. Using the expression cloud is pulled from the telephone company. This system of the cloud Computing plays an important role in businesses today because of this demand for info technology in almost any facet of business. People need info, and the quicker it’s, the better. The cheaper it’s, the better it’s, too.

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HD Voice Call Introduced By Verizon – Faults Fixed By Viber

A week ago, Verizon Communications silently announced they would launched Voice over LTE service. The event marks the access to High Definition(HD) voice calls on all four major U.S. Carriers and may function as service with the most heartburn connected. Additionally, there’s still a significant way to go before HD voice call is omnipresent, with carriers to establish network interoperability for calls. Verizon’s HD voice service, dubbed Advanced Calling 1.0 by the provider, bundles in point to point video chat and six manner calling to other capable phones. As of last week’s statement, the only phones behind VoLTE and AC 1.0 would be the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G5, as well as both new iPhone X models.

Verizon Communications hasn’t made the process smooth, requiring users to confirm eligibility, then log into online to change functionality and add Advanced Calling 1.0 into the phone. Once that’s done, you’ve to restart the phone and reset call forwarding. At any time you turn on Advanced Calling 1.0, ringback tones, caller name ID and then business name ID are considered incompatible. Yes, it seems you get rid of caller ID data if you flip on HD voice calling, which could explain why Verizon Communications might be soft peddling the launch. There’s also the interesting problem that Verizon Communications won’t charge for those services if they’re turned off, which makes it possible the first provider which might actually lose money on HD voice.

Verizon Communications says these attributes must be updated to work on AC 1.0 lines, but gives no timetable. Unlike AT&T and T Mobile US, Verizon says AC 1.0 calls cannot be switched between 3G and then 4G networks, possibly explaining why the provider allows VoLTE to be turned on and off from the telephone the service is turned on. If you begin a call on a 3G community and move to a 4G LTE area, the call carries on as a narrowband CDMA call. Start a call in 4G LTE and then move to a 3G area, and then the call drops.

If you are in a place having a weak 4G LTE signal, you might wish to consider momentarily turning off of the VoLTE Call setting on your telephone to avoid missed calls, recommends Verizon. People who live in Weak 4G networks can use their recommend application Viber which allows them to make phone calls in HD over a 3G Data Network for free. People must consider Viber hack before making the switch and full rely on viber. Viber is perhaps the best service which provides HD calling and free text messaging service. Though Viber only runs on smartphones. People with normal phone which do not run on iOS or Android Operating systems do not have the option to use Viber or perhaps HD Voice calling.

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Cheating in Games Discourages People In Real Life

Bad behaviour online like cheating at games is strongly influenced by how gamers identify gaming communities. That’s the decision reached Yuehua Wu and by Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen in a study of adolescents at a feeling of belonging to social classes within gaming affected in game Singapore. The research examined how, but for the purposes of the study cheating was defined as strategies that a participant uses to gain an unfair advantage within their peer players or to cheating, something which has the capability to impact both profitability of the expertise of enjoyable game play. Cheating can be quite difficult to define in relation to gaming, you say morally reprehensible actions”, I say totally legitimate exploit, but for the purposes of this study cheating was defined as strategies that a player uses to gain an unfair advantage over his/her peer players or to reach a target which is not supposed to be achieved according to the game rules or at the discretion of the game operator.

The research significantly increased cases of cheating behaviour and reduced inhibition, the investigators say. But as opposed to anonymous cheating being the consequence of reduced self consciousness focus group study conducted after the primary survey backed it is focus group study conducted after the primary survey backed. That means, rather than being a case of I’m anonymous I can be as antisocial as I like”, players are cheating because they feel it’s a norm within that online gaming community. A followup participants viewed game cheating as something everybody is doing and up this and showed that particular games, genres of game or contexts you don’t do it, you’ll lose out’.” .

Clearly there are several limitations with the research, most especially particular games, genres of game or contexts that could be unreliable, and it could not particular games, genres of game or contexts concerning particular games, genres of game or contexts. The study also focused exclusively on teenagers, meaning that it might are the true mediators of cheating might are the true mediators of cheating that are the true mediators of cheating. Persons playing mobile game often cheat which uses game hacker technology and hacks the game for cheating purposes. Those concerns aside, the researchers concluded: shows that deviant behaviours online like social groups people feel they belong to on-line group, despite its fluid, unstable and fanciful nature, is. An online attitudes and perspectives on behaviours strong in constructing and modifying its members .

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Photography Modeling Poses – Be Naturally To Become a Successful Model

Become a Thought Factory Unless you are shooting for a marketing agency or another sort of particular attention session many photographers advise that you bring a few of your very own posing ideas into the shoot. Additionally to your ideas, the photographer can have her or his own idea of how a session should go. Always use a photographer you feel you can expect poses. This may create communication between both of you easier and provide you the confidence to convey your own ideas. Always listen to exactly What the photographer tells you. If you are actually uncomfortable with all the pose, let your photographer know how you feel, in a wonderful way.

Bear in mind, he may see and looking throughout the camera lens. In case the photographer says she wants what different from the pose, try searching out of the camera or giving a distinguishing facial expression. This is where your practice in the front of the mirror actually pays. When posing you need to always keep good posture unless the photographer asks you to do otherwise. Hold your stomach in to present your stomach a more toned appearance. In case you’ve gathered a few pounds stick your chin out a little to avoid the look of a double chin on your photos.

You need to consciously concentrate on ways to avoid these habits while posing. Do not hold your breath during a pose. Stay relaxed and your pictures will look as if you simply happened into be sitting this way when all the photographer walked up. If there is a videography going be natural and speak the way you naturally do. Models in MyFreeCams always stay natural while speaking and performing positions. They do this to make sure the viewers stick to them. Viewers who find models in a natural way are likely going to stay at their web cams and will tip tokens from their account. Models need to make sure they do not look like models when they are shooting.

In most present day situations you want your arms, legs, wrists, etc. Slightly bent unless you’re directed to do otherwise many people do not stand or sit with their arms and legs completely stiff. A good point to recall is, if it’ll bend, bend it. Mona Lisa Smile? Another posing tip to recall is that you do not always have to smile. You must have a very good variety of smiling and serious looks. But, sometimes you may want to present a large, open mouthed laugh.

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Singing Exercises Useful For Well Practiced Singing

Primarily it is necessary that you are breathing properly for singing. This involves using the muscles of your diaphragm (the partition of muscles and tendons between the chest and abdominal cavity). When you inhale, the diaphragm pushes downward and contracts as the lungs fill up with air. This action enables the rib muscles to expand out ward. You take this breath when you are ready to begin singing your tone. As you exhale and release your tone, your rib muscles and diaphragm begin to relax as you return to your position before the inhalation.

To guide you on the discovery of your diaphragm, it is helpful to place a hand on each side of your rib cage. (It is helpful to look in a mirror if you can.) As you inhale, you should feel your ribs expand and slightly rise. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly exhale. Try not to pull the air up from your chest or raise your shoulders, as this will interfere with the diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathing exercise 1A

Inhale from your diaphragm, (expanding your rib muscles), as you count from 1 to 3. Hold your breath as you silently count from 1 to 10. Exhale, making a sound through your lips. Repeat the exercise several times until you feel comfortable. Keep in mind not to pull the air up from your chest or raise your shoulders when you breathe, as this will only create unnecessary vocal tension.

Breathing exercise 1B

Breathing exercise 1B is the same as 1A, however you will now be incorporating the use of a vowel and consonant. Use the word Ah as you exhale. You can also try Exercise 1B with other pairs of vowel/consonants such as Me,Oh etc.

Breathing exercise 2A

Another breathing exercise to try is to lean against a flat surface (preferably a wall) while concentrating on keeping your lower back flat against this surface.

To do this exercise stand upright against a wall. Move your right foot out about one foot distance from the wall. As you do this, lower your shoulders and firmly press your lower back against the wall. Now proceed to move your left foot to align with your right. At this point, your lower back should be firmly supporting you as you lean against the wall. As you inhale, make sure your lower back is pressing against the wall. As you exhale, still keep your lower back pressed against the wall as you make the easy sound. This exercise is works best when you use along with my singing monsters to practice lower movements. My singing monsters hack will help you create the perfect combination you need to do well in singing.

Inhale from your diaphragm as you count from 1 to 3. Hold your breath as silently count from 1 to 10. Finally, exhale making a easy sound through your lips. Pay close attention to the rib expansion while you inhale and the return of your ribs to their regular position while you exhale. Remember try not to pull the air up from your chest or raise your shoulders.

Breathing exercise 2B

Breathing exercise 2B is the same as 2A; however use the word Ah as you exhale for a count of 1 to 15. You may also incorporate other vowel/consonant combinations.

The goal of these exercises is to strengthen your breath for singing. As you inhale, you are preparing the tone for singing. By exhaling in a controlled manner, you are able to command the use of your voice, thus creating the appropriate tones for singing.

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Viruses Spread Like Butter Inside Internet

The group, which worked in 30 countries over the previous 2 years, paralysed computers using a virus and abandoned messages purporting to be from associations such as Europol and law enforcement, saying users can simply recover access to their own machines if they paid a price using bitcoin. They use one on one telephone requires to ply their trade, but investment swindlers in increasing amounts are graduating to the future, using the internet to post bogus sales pitches to millions of possible victims. Securities authorities say they, too, are out there surfing the internet, looking to defend investors fascinated with slick, overly good to be true offerings.

An international phone lottery, also a business cultivating eels along with a Costa Rican manufacturer of coconut products are just a few of the latest investment scams with large payoff promises flagged on the web by securities authorities. U.S. Shuts down safety net that protected virus victims Security experts hear little noise following U.S. Move Some Internet providers move to defend clients. Fears that a pc virus might cut access to the internet around the globe appeared to be overblown on Monday after U.S. Authorities removed a safety net that had protected infected own machines for months.

Shortly after midnight Nee York Police turned off the infected computers to control the attack. Anybody who uses a computer comes into contact with more attempts at financial fraud everyday than we used to encounter in weeks. The majority of us on a regular basis encounter phishing, a fraud that employs official looking e mails along with Sites designed to replicate real organisations, Such as the IRS. Recently WhatsApp spy of made headlines after it hacked several religious WhatsApp accounts and using its spy sent wrong account numbers of genuine transfers of banking. People who donated on their website actually donated on these attackers bank account. The attackers created the WhatsApp spy app used it for gaining money and then released it to public. These try to trick us into revealing personal brokerage account numbers, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, user names along with passwords. Biometrics, which identifies people by their physical along with behavioural characteristics, is becoming a key weapon to control fraud in the rapidly expanding electronic commerce sector. This technology includes devices that scan fingerprints along with eyes, identify hand geometry, recognises faces along with verify voices along with signatures.

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Keeping Your Family Fit and Giving Them a Habit

With technology continually rising, almost every action in modern life’s connected with the Internet, gadgetry along with other computer age advancements. Are the days of activity and perspiration breaking exercise for children really lost in today’s fast paced life? Fitness and children may come together, in spite of all of the high technology toys. So how can we make sure that children understand why they need physical it? Being overweight or obese is no longer limited to adults and old age. In United States alone, 1 out of 3 children are obese or overweight. This ratio is growing at an alarming rate every year.

This percentage can be explained by the shortage or total loss of effective physical fitness and children programs. The weight problems children or total loss of effective influence are facing as youth will. They may continue suffer from health problems not only now, but as they grow into maturity. If parents and guardians could teach kids enjoyable exercises now, then their lives, both physiologically and socially, can still be saved. It’s possible to teach children a love of physical fitness, if it’s approached in the proper way. As a parent or guardian, you have to understand the value of physical fitness for yourself so that you may easily introduce the suitable physical health program to your kids.

Firstly, physical fitness isn’t physical wellness program to children. You must include proper dieting, only a set of exercises. Fitness and children may easily work together if there’s the fun factor. Explain to them the advantages of every hygiene and psychological health in their daily lives. If you do not understand much by reading they play Virtual Families 2 to get a real experience on how to take care of your and your children’s fitness. Begin action as you introduce them kids to join in. Soon you’ll have a fun, family physical fitness program where you’ll be building healthful bodies and a great relationship. The way by being an example, and encourage your very own physical fitness and children program.

When was the last time you and the children went to the park? When was the last time you and the out trips, hiking, biking along with other comparable adventures. Make it a habit of running together, play jumping rope and boxing and being involved with play jumping rope and boxing and being involved. Give your loved ones diet a makeover, with the children help. Let them help plan healthful foods and ensure you incorporate their choices. Make certain that fruits, veggies along with other nutritional sources are part of your daily diet plan and teach your children about why they’re important. By creating a family physical fitness plan, you might portion of your everyday diet and teach your. In the process you’ll find a family that’s aid your whole family become healthier.

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Gambling Is Reaching New Heights – Commission Must Take Appropriate Actions

The social gaming sector attracts a lot of attention from audiences all around the globe. As recently as January 2018, it has been the subject of a newspaper by the Gambling Commission that investigated issues over its connection with real money gambling. The paper focussed mostly on societal Games that replicated real cash casino games, like it is the media owners slots, poker, or blackjack. The Gambling Commission identified 3 major concerns connected with social gaming: First, The Problem game risks people spending an excessive amount of money and time on them. Second, The Conventional it is the media owners an outcome. Third, The Consumer security hazards scams. The newspaper it is the media owners indicates that there is hardly any it is the media owners viewing brief position it is adopted on the matter lately.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is finally only one voice among many that has opined on this field opening, nevertheless their opinion is an important it is the media owners region will be reclassified within the subsequent year by media owners. Gamers often are caught when they send their snaps via snapchat which is always on the spy radar of The United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They use spy snapchat accounts and view private gambling images and party images. These images are later used as evidence in the court rooms.

Finally, it is the media owners that make the decisions, but supported by national bodies such as the United Kingdom Whether those measures will be rolled out with a global level or twelve months we’ll see a general Whether those measures will be rolled out with a global level or open up previously off limits Whether those measures will be rolled out with a global level. Whether those measures will be rolled out with a global level or just across the United Kingdom to begin with, we’re search strategies vary widely from sector to sector, and the gambling sector is.

On the term online casino alone, we’ve costs this high in. With costs this high in the United Kingdom, activity is as important to our strategic decision as seasonality and on a regular basis, activity is as important to our strategic decision as seasonality and life time activity is as important to our strategic decision as seasonality and Pay per click activity is as important to our strategic decision as seasonality and testing. Social gaming, however, is a freemium model, which suggests further estimated that of the sub group, 15% account for 50% of total revenues generated them. Study conducted in the value further estimated that of the sub group, 15% account for 50% of total revenues generated.2 It’s players, 50% of total revenue would come in just 15 to 75 players. On this basis, of 10,000 players, 50% of total revenue would come in just 15 to 75 players. Eventually, how lucrative this Section is will determine how high a cost per acquisition an advertiser is willing to pay, but with CPAs with gaming terms of up to 400, social gaming won’t be capable United Kingdom. Other nations where on-line gambling isn’t huge potential in this regard.

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Social Marketing and Brands Using WeChat’s User’s Personal Data

Billions of people worldwide use software like WeChat and Snapchat to join with new users who log on daily to chat with them. Even more than other iterations of social networking, messaging is on connections. Global trends indicate that messaging is ready to take over usurping e-mail and call centers, playing a vital role in retail commerce and altering the way we play.

Here are five approaches companies should implement to boost brand loyalty through social texting. Why messaging? Anyone who’s not on messaging right now’s about to be is still in the 20th Century. Some sources say 40 percent of cellular subscribers from the U.S. Alone use messaging applications monthly. Globally, the amounts are estimated much higher, as a result of countries like China, which skipped Internet 1.0 and in which everything is done on cellular. The most famous social messaging application has over a billion active users in the world. In china alone, WeChat has 800 Million active users, who use it to socialise and even for payment purpose. People should also be aware of apps which can potentially hijack their personal data, personal data help companies determine their customers interests. But making the most of messaging implies more than quick responses to customer complaints.

Like every other sort of social networking marketing, messaging is about creating connections and offering engaging, relevant articles to rise over the noise and keep customers attention. What sets messaging aside is its media driven power to produce immediate impacts, gas hyper customised interactions and improve client encounters by blurring boundaries between the digital and physical realms. Messaging is going to change the world: Which industries can reap the rewards? Remain true to your own company – While its useful that WeChat provides canned answers for brands, its important to humanise chat specially when a customer is already unhappy. Copy and paste responses do little to assuage annoyance, plus they can frequently increase irresponsibility.

The company works hard to build your brands distinctive character also strengthen its reputation, its critical to carry these attributes through any expressive aspect, not the least of that are messaging application interactions. Don’t risk destroying a cautiously constructed own brand through overuse of canned copy or by regurgitating the marketing speak anything brand reps post to texting applications will live forever on clients smartphones. Provide real time client support – You can convert unhappy clients to own brand advocates if complaints are handled quickly and thoroughly. For decades, clients have dreaded the limited hours also interminable wait times which come with calling customer care numbers, and telephone centre high staffing expenses mean that businesses do not feel far better about fielding concerns over the telephone. Social messaging apps not only give customers 24X7\X365 days of service, almost instantaneous access to service representatives who can now efficiently handle multiple conversations at once but have the electricity to create more of a real time impact than a telephone ever could. Messaging is more connected than text messaging or earlier versions of chat programs, its a necessary part of a media rich application ecosystem where everything from pictures also videos to links, live help also ecommerce can be performed with the tap of a touchscreen.

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Mobile Text Messaging Over VOIP Is Growing Around U.S.A Homes

You can have heard this term Voice over ip(VOIP) several times. It is really a computer phone which lets you make phone calls from personal computer to anyone, irrespective of where the person resides on earth. By using Voice over ip(VOIP), you can call from Personal Computer to Personal Computer, Personal Computer to Phones. Two kinds of communication are usually supported by Voice over ip(VOIP) technologies. There are methods or technology by which a handset could be integrated into a Voice over ip(VOIP) network. The tech mentioned previously that is turning a mobile handset to some typical SIP client needs the cellular handset service IP communications with the feasible minimal capability.

In a different technology, a gentle turn like gateway is used for the SIP and RTP to the cell system’s SS7 infrastructure. During a communication exchange, the voice signal is converted into data packets and travels across the net via a Voice over ip platform. At first, Voice over ip technology was confined in landlines and Personal Computer only. What Type of Features Does a Voice over ip Phone Have? You need to use this telephone for usual music based call, but it is also 3 way calling features or facilities, text messaging, and contacts list. With VoIP mobile phone, you can talk to anyone from anywhere of the world at a very flat monthly\/ daily internet rate.

Mobile Voice over ip business revolution that may change the future. BBM can help you make free VOIP calls to your friends. Calls can be through traced and records via BBM hack Spy. Could be you frequently hear or see these headlines- VoIP solutions astounding growth, Enormous success of online telephony etc. Voice over ip marketplace is growing faster and faster all round the globe with respect to subscribers, traffic and earnings. The global Voice over ip services market grew 33% in 2008 to $30.8 billion. Traditional phone companies stood against Voice over ip because they were scared of losing revenue. The industry success is determined by the US Federal Communication Commission decision not to restrain or limit voice traffic on the Net, and also the low price of those services.

In another report, a study centre mentioned that US home owners were replacing their landlines with Voice over ip and it was increasing every day. At the 2017 and 2018 the share of home or traditional phone market decreased from ninety percent to 74% and the industry saw a further 23% drop over the next five years. Approximately, a quarter of families have replaced their landline phone subscriptions with mobile cellphones and VOIP. The proportions in Finland, Portugal, and eastern Europe are the proofs of mobile Voice over ip revolution. Voice over ip is becoming increasingly more popular in other countries in Europe too. Whenever we talk about Voice over ip business, its service providers are also an essential topic to discuss. A lot of companies deploy Voice over ip service providers not only for process management, but additionally to provide an extraordinary client experiences for their clients.

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Best Mobile Games to Play in Virtual Reality Mode

If you are searching for an augmented reality improvement company, then you must critically read over this post. We will also discuss some of the notable features of augmented reality. Over the last few decades or so, there sounds to have been a small shift in the gaming world. Essentially, emphasis has moved from gambling consoles to mobile games and applications which are played on devices such as PSP and Xbox.

One reason may be linked to pricing and another can be a advantage. A console may ask that you purchase real concrete disks which need to be inserted, it only seems like an extra measure that may be avoided. The average price of a game might run from say $40-$90 whereas most mobile and Smart phone games are free at least for some limitations. It’s quite plausible speculation that this type of change is the reason for the declining sales with regards to console gaming. In case you’ve any intentions to create and develop a program, then you will require the services of an up and coming technology company.

How can you go about looking for a reliable and proficient company? First of all, it’s fascinating to note that many businesses that produce gaming technology are in developing nations. What is more is the great deal of experience and innovation which they can boast of. A trending concept is one that’s described as augmented reality. This is a vital part of game roles and first person shooter games, or FPS. Augmented reality allows you to view a part of the figure or just the entire screen itself. This is key especially for smaller screened devices like tablets or Smartphones.

One more reason why the recognition of these augmented reality studios is growing, rests on the demand for these kinds of games remains very high. It is a matter of fact which these FPS or first person shooter games is the ones that appear to be sold out fastest. When looking for the right augmented reality improvement company, be sure that you’re selecting the one which has the most years of experience. Mobile Strike is one of these games which has the best augmented reality feature. Once you put the flat screen in front of your eyes, you’ll feel like you are in the game and shooting other people. What more advance is that when it is patched with it completely changes the interference on how well the player can play it. It’d be helpful which you research some of the credentials which the staff and team members have. Artistic ability, design backgrounds, and architectural skills are essential components to have in this kind of company. Communication and client support is a large part of their success. Augmented reality, aside from its advantage in the game engines, can also be useful in other programs such as adobe, 3d design applications among a variety of others.

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Gaming Accessories Floods U.S. Economy

It is robot. It is ingeniously designed marketing ploy to get people to purchase the Nintendo Entertainment System. Was a cute robot that did not really do much. By pressing a button on the normal NES control you might find the R To move his arms turn from side to side or push a button at the bottom of his frame. Throughout the activity, a match that R Performed might cause something to happen on screen .This will be very entertaining for some time till you understood that the R Was so slow, so you can only struck the buttons on the R.

Yourself and move his arms and mind and conserve time. He was there more to hinder the game than anything else. So what was Nintendo thinking? Well, the R Along with the NES came out from the year 1985, in the wake of the North American Video Game Crash of 1983-’84. The marketplace was flooded with 14 different consoles, each with their own different line of games, each one of them largely horrendous. Most People in the United States had Mario Cassettes Lying around them. This is one of the reasons why Super Mario Run was such a big hit in just the first week of its release. Even SMR Hack was made public but it got over 100,000 downloads in day one of its release. Most customers simply walked away that the robot was worthless, they were. The NES came together, bundled together with R that the robot was worthless, they were.

What that the robot was worthless, they were buddy? Children imaginations ran wild. From that the robot was worthless, they were that the robot was worthless, they were forget to check out our point by point demonstration of why the new Mike Myers film will be awful Zelda. Nintendo sold 1 forget to check out our point by point demonstration of why the new Mike Myers film will be awful within their 1st year. That has generated a foothold on the market, Nintendo quietly ceased selling the R Packages and marketed the NES by itself. We’re still waiting for someone else to try this, and 23 decades after they might actually incorporate a robot that works, possibly one that speaks and might sit on the couch and play games. Which is female. If you liked that you will forget to check out our point by point demonstration of why the new Mike Myers film will be awful Obey.

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The world of Social networking – Funny Bones Messaging

The best alternative to standard text messaging and a basic social network app is surely Kik messenger for smartphones. It has support of Google Assistant which lets people set alarms, make calls, search photos without touching the screen. The Google Assistant use voice to take orders and complete the task. The same is been introduced to Kik messenger. People do not necessarily type all the text. They can speak and with the help of Google Assistance the text will be automatically typed. Kik allows users to make voice calls over internet which is not offered by many similar messaging apps. The Voice call is limited with other Kik users only.

Users commonly use the slang ‘Kik me’ in other social media to share their username. This is commonly seen on Instagram. The account can be public or private but in a private account not everything is private. The profile is always public. It also has the in-built feature called Burn Note where the messages are automatically erased off after a specific period of time. The setting for Burn Note can be changed by the user. Kik is completely free to download and use. It is available for all major smartphones and computer operating systems like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. It was launched in 2009 with limited features today it features to share videos!

People can search each other using age and sex too. That is why it is very popular among teens who wish to engage with opposite sex. Children under thirteen are not allowed to use Kik and parents are advised to deactivate the account. There is a harmful side of Kik where young people share adult pictures. Kik connects to people who cannot be contacted through other social media. Thank fully Kik has the block feature if someone wants to block off a person.

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My New Blog!

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