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The best alternative to standard text messaging and a basic social network app is surely Kik messenger for smartphones. It has support of Google Assistant which lets people set alarms, make calls, search photos without touching the screen. The Google Assistant use voice to take orders and complete the task. The same is been introduced to Kik messenger. People do not necessarily type all the text. They can speak and with the help of Google Assistance the text will be automatically typed. Kik allows users to make voice calls over internet which is not offered by many similar messaging apps. The Voice call is limited with other Kik users only.

Users commonly use the slang ‘Kik me’ in other social media to share their username. This is commonly seen on Instagram. The account can be public or private but in a private account not everything is private. The profile is always public. It also has the in-built feature called Burn Note where the messages are automatically erased off after a specific period of time. The setting for Burn Note can be changed by the user. Kik is completely free to download and use. It is available for all major smartphones and computer operating systems like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. It was launched in 2009 with limited features today it features to share videos!

People can search each other using age and sex too. That is why it is very popular among teens who wish to engage with opposite sex. Children under thirteen are not allowed to use Kik and parents are advised to deactivate the account. There is a harmful side of Kik where young people share adult pictures. Kik connects to people who cannot be contacted through other social media. Thank fully Kik has the block feature if someone wants to block off a person.

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